The best format of
Your menu

You have
never seen
as tasteful

Large, bright, every dish on the screen of your smartphone! What for do you think chefs and restaurants develop a presentation even of the most common dish?

For you to see it!

A unique

MAYBER goal is to lead restaurants and their customers
away from a paper menu. Stop waving your hand to attract
the waiter’s attention! Stop waiting for the bill and guessing
its amount!

What are we offering?
Pure convenience only!
Nice things are easy
to get used to.

and pay

in just

Placing an order from your phone
is convenient! Faster! Obvious!
You can immediately see
how much your party costs.
And make a payment instantly.
Without waiting for the bill.

We understand that.

See the menu
in different ways
1. Each dish is
on full screen,
dishes and
categories change
with just
one movement -
2. A familiar
text menu format
with rows
of categories and
dishes -
3. A faster and more
consolidated way
to view dishes
is presented
in a tile grid -
A restaurant can customize the BEST feed
– which is a top list of best dishes in the menu.
For those who choose only the Best.
You are the best —

A menu isn’t a menu without your photos
and comments! Your feedback and snapshot
can do a lot. Critics, advice, well-deserved
praise for the restaurant!

MAYBER encourage
and technically support
your freedom
to be creative.

Keep your appetite
Under control
It is not necessary to guess what your check will be any longer.
You see it right away. And the entire amount
of your order is right in front of you. It's convenient.
You can even keep track of your restaurant visits.

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