You hereby confirm that you provide MAYBER LLC (“the Operator”) with your agreement on processing all personal data, including name; last name; gender; e-mail; birthdate; mobile phone number; images (photos); bank card details; e-wallet details; smartphone type and its OS; transaction information; city of residence/location; booking information (booking date, guest number, additional notes on booking) and order information; social media data that the Operator receives when you log into the “Mayber” service (“the Service”) with the help of certain social media (if this option is available in the Service).

You agree that the Operator will process your data without deadlines to complete its goals of promoting services of the partners (“Facilities”) by developing and implementing partnership programs, bonus programs and booking programs, including the following goals:

You agree that the Operator will do the following with your data: collect, record, systemize, accumulate, store, specify, retrieve, use, redirect (publish, provide, access), depersonalize, block, delete, erase personal data, either using automation tools or without using them.

The policy of personal data processing can be found on the website

You agree that the Operator is entitled to redirect or entrust a third party with processing your personal data, and the list of third parties is defined by the Operator in the Privacy Policy.

This agreement becomes valid as soon as you sign up to the “Mayber” Service. Your agreement is considered official by the law with a simple electronic signature when you sign up.

Do not send data and do not sign into the “Mayber” service, including the “Mayber” mobile app if you do not agree with the processing terms stated above. Should you have any questions, please send them to and provide the topic.