The best format of
Your menu

The best
of your menu

A digital menu is the most necessary feature for the restaurant nowadays, for those who take care of their guests. You don’t have to think which templates will be more convenient. Mayber App offers three different ways to show your menu.

The fourth BEST option reflects the most popular or chef’s choice dishes.

Show the menu
in different ways
1. Each dish is shown
on full screen,
dishes and
categories change
with just
one movement -
2. A familiar
text menu format
with rows
of categories and
dishes -
3. A faster and more
consolidated way
to view dishes
is presented
in a tile grid -

You create the menu
- You manage it

Incredibly simple and intuitive.
In the admin version of the MAYBER application, manager can fill in the menu with most convenient dishes, exactly in the same interface that guests will see it. Any changes to the menu are made instantly and online.

Photos, prices, descriptions of the dishes can be changed exactly at the moment when guests are looking at it.

that you are guest

What a strange approach in the modern world of technologies – a waiter is trying to verbally describe the presentation of the dish and its ingredients. Guests want to see the dish and the ingredient before the dish is delivered to the table. No more old school menus with small fonts.

A bright, informative representation of a dish on the entire smartphone screen is what restaurant guests will greatly appreciate!

and pay

in just

Enough with memory training of your servers and with exploring of your guests’ imagination! Let the first ones to get the fixed info about the order, and the second once to clearly understand and see what they are ordering. It is not just fast and easy.

That’s the only way how restaurants, clubs and bars will operate very soon unless internet disappears.

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It makes no difference from which device you are taking a photo, all modern smartphone cameras are just as good as professional equipped cameras when taking a picture of a dish. This is our concept – take a picture on your phone and post your menu!

And below, many pictures of the same dish posted by the guests, with reference and comments.

Hide, sell,
You can evaluate MAYBER's performance only by using it! You no longer need to inform each customer that you run out of a particular dish today! No need to mention that temporary the dish is removed from the menu! No need to create special offers!
This is what MAYBER is made for!
Do it depending on the situation at the kitchen!

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